Guaranteed Installment Loans

The installment loans of are focused on the assignment of one fifth of the salary and pension, on the installment not aimed at fixed interest for employees, on the personal installment loan dedicated to pensioners .

It is a company that boasts thirty years of experience, above all in the consumer credit sector provided through traditional channels, which boasts a strong sales network throughout the national territory and an installment of consultants and brokers serving the customer . Today the company focuses on the B2C and B2B sectors, both for families and businesses, even if the spearhead is always the salary transfer salary and the payment delegation, both with immediate disbursement of the installment loan.

Installment loan: Sale of fifth employees

Payday Loan

The installment loans with a salary assignment provide for a deduction on the payroll or pension, thus reducing the risk of insolvency; the maximum financeable amount is 75000 euros, the duration of the amortization ranges from 24 to 120 months, the installment cannot exceed one fifth of the salary or pension, it is necessary to stipulate an obligatory policy life risk or loss of the job, it is a fixed rate installment loan and can be defined as an unfinished installment loan that is remitted by the employer directly to.

To obtain the transfer of the fifth with the installment loans it is necessary to present a copy of an identity document and the tax code, there is no need for a guarantee or the opening of a current account; another ongoing installment loan can be extinguished in advance, obtaining greater liquidity and interest-free interest rate subsidies.

Sale of the fifth pensioner

With regard to installment loans with a pension transferred, they consist of a fixed rate installment loan with a constant installment, the minimum amount of which is 10,000 euros, to be extinguished by withholding a fifth of the pension net of tax withholdings, or via equivalent checks against special pension funds, invalidity and old-age pensions and invalidity allowances of INPS, annuities and capital checks payable by institutions and funds dependent on the employment relationship; in this case it is the institution or the pension fund that operates the withholding of the client’s pension monthly in favor of the amortization of the bank.

Anyone who already has other installment loans in progress, proves to be a bad payer, insolvent or protested, has foreclosures in progress, can access installment loans with a fifth of a pension, lasting between 60 and 120 months; in any case, the stipulation of a life -risk insurance policy is also mandatory for Inpdap, but the guarantee does not need to be paid because there is no risk of insolvency.

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

Turning instead to the installment loan with debt consolidation , it is characterized by being the ideal solution in case you want to get rid of the installment loans and the signed installment loans without weighing down the family budget too much: in practice you pay a single monthly payment and you have to pay less. interest, the installment does not vary in financing, a mortgage guarantee must not be signed.

As for the bad payers, ‘s installment loans are also offered to them, ensuring that they are able to obtain the cancellation from the Crif’s database.

Payment delegation


The payment delegation is also one of ‘s flagship products, consisting of the possibility for public and private employees to request a second installment loan in the presence of another with a salary assignment, and can therefore be defined as a double assignment of the fifth. In exceptional cases, you can pay half the salary instead of two fifths.

It is possible to request amounts up to 50,000 euros with a payback period of up to 120 months and pensioners cannot obtain the installment loan with payment authorization; it is necessary to take out a life and employment risk policy and no guarantee is required.