Installment loan as a way to make your dreams come true

Ever since you moved into your apartment, you have been thinking about renovating the second room and transforming it into a guest room. More of this story:

Thanks to this, everyone in the family, friends or acquaintances could visit you at any time and stay a little longer. However, weeks, months and finally years pass, and the guest room has become the least visited room and even unwanted space in your apartment.

The idea arises to finally renovate it

The idea arises to finally renovate it

However, usually with her the thought “Maybe next month,” however. However, the day is coming when you receive a phone call from one of your closest friends, who happily announces that at the end of the month he will be passing in the area. Of course, by the way, he would love to see you, so maybe he could stay with you for a few days.

You didn’t need much time to think, you immediately said yes! After all, you have not known each other for so long and it will be an ideal opportunity to spend some time together. I must admit that there is nothing better than a not-too-distant deadline that will motivate us to finally act!

Do what you dream about


You roll up your sleeves, enter your second room and immediately start developing a revitalization and renovation plan for the next few days. The first of them will be the purchase and installation of a small regips wall because you would like to get space for a collection of books that have been in cartons and boxes for years.

However, this is not all, because you also want to buy a two-seater sofa in case one day there are many more guests in the apartment. In addition to the sofa, a dresser or wardrobe could also be used, so that friends have somewhere to put their most-needed things, or simply unpack their luggage. A perfect addition would be a single armchair, thanks to it you could finally use this room.

It would serve as a place to read books that you already have a large collection of. You stand in the door, close your eyes and you can already see how amazing this room will look. At the very thought of it, you smile to yourself. Finally, the next room will fulfill its proper function and you will start using it as you planned from the very beginning. However, to realize this wonderful vision, and for that in such a short time, you may need help.

Think of it as a helping hand

Think of it as a helping hand

It is at such a special time that an installment loan in Good Finance becomes the perfect solution. You can apply for up to PLN 5,000 for convenient, even 24 installments. Importantly, unlike a traditional loan, installment loans are granted almost immediately after submitting the application. An even distribution of liabilities allows you to finance any goal and plan your expenses accordingly, including convenient monthly installments.

Thanks to our automated credit scoring technology, you can get a loan decision literally a moment after submitting your application. The application process is quick and simple because you will complete the application online in a few minutes and without the need to send documents regarding employment or earnings.

At Good Finance Bank, we often say “yes” when most traditional banks answer “no”! Our mission is to ensure the fastest loan application process and personal service for our clients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. So how can we help you?